Nov 05

Well, Happy Birthday Mr. President.. giggle..Now that I’ve got you all alone why don’t you come over here big boy and unwrap this long gift I’ve got waiting especially for you? They say blondes have all the fun, and I’m going to show you that it’s true, dressed like sexy Marilyn ‘I just wanna be loved by you’.. Boop boop a-doop! They say ‘some like it hot’ and I wouldn’t want it any other way, so if you’ll let me be you Marilyn I’ll let you take full advantage of this platinum blonde bombshell, baby. Now let me scratch your ‘seven year itch’ and I’ll let you play with my 9 inches…
Reality made of your wet fantasies
Oct 27

Welcome to LadyboyAir. I’m your hostess, Long Mint and I’ll take complete care of you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for any services you require to make your ladyboy experience more pleasurable. For your own comfort and safety please keep your pants unbuttoned at all times. Electrical gadgets must be switched off so not to interfere with the sexy time you’re about to receive, but battery operated toys are allowed and their use is encouraged. In the likely event of a hard, bumpy ride, two breasts and a large cock will appear in front of you to maximise your enjoyment. This IS a smoking flight, so unzip your pants and prepare to join the mile high club!
Find your desires embodied here
Oct 18

Can I have the attention of the class! This is Long Mint your substitute teacher for the day. I’m an expert in working with WOOD but I’m here to teach you biology. Now, there are so many positions you can take around a classroom, let me show you a few of my favourites.. I prefer to be on all fours as it allows my skirt to raise up and reveal my stocking tops, or with my legs spread over the desk so I can flash you a glimpse of the large bulge in my little white panties, it’s very important to get your full attention. But what I love most is giving one-on-one lessons, as I like to be very ‘hands on’. Now take out your ruler, I have something for you to measure..
Get satisfied with your embodied dreams
Oct 09

All hands to the pump! This is you captain, able Seaman Long Mint speaking, now hold on tight things are about to get rough and wet! I need a big strong man to help me take control of my long vessel so I'm going to need your help. First you'll have to stop drolling over my long stripy white socks and looking up my little skirt at my small white panties, if my naughty outfit is distracting you maybe it's better I remove it, although I'll leave my captains hat on, I don't want you to forget who is in charge! Now report to my private quarters immediately, I want you to grab my big hard mast with both hands and tug it until you feel that salty liquid hit you in the face!
Where nastiest dreams meet achievement
Sep 30

I’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy and join a monastery to repent for all the many kinky sins I’ve committed.. The only trouble is these Nun uniforms are just so hot. Catching my reflection gets my blood running. Now I can’t stop touching myself every time I see my how damn horny I look and it feels so wrong and naughty. I guess I shouldn’t have worn these lacy panties and ‘come fuck me’ heels, they’re going to drive every man crazy and it won’t be long before someone is undressing me with their eyes, and maybe their hands too.. On second thoughts, why don’t you come and fuck this sister now. This is going to lead a lot of time in confession..
Here dreams turn into real actions
Sep 21

Spread 'em Punk!.. Bend over and put your hands where I can see them.. Now don't you move sucker or I'll be forced to shoot my load and empty it in your punk ass!.. Now what's that in your pants? Are you carrying a large weapon or are you just pleased to see me?. Looks like I'll have to get out my handcuffs and perform and thorough strip search, but I hope you put up a fight, I like to see a man struggle when he's under my control. Maybe it's better I show you how to do it, as I strip down to my knee high, 6 inch heeled. leather boots. I'll let you see how big my truncheon is, and show you how I love to use it.
Here horniest desires meet realization
Sep 03
Do I look pretty in Pink? What do you think? How about with a whip in my hand and a naughty look in my eyes? Seeing as you’ve been so good lately I thought it was time I gave you a gift, so wrapped myself in this skimpy revealing pink bikini with long and winding straps ready for you to come and open me up and reveal you big surprise! Underneath you’ll find me in the sexiest all-in-one body stocking, covering my body in fishnet from neck to toe.. And when you have my unwrapped and wound up with pleasure we can let the entertainment begin and I’ll show you how I like to use BOTH ends of my whip.. I think you’ll find I can be very imaginative.. All your wishes come true here
Aug 18

I was lying around in my lingerie, feeling a little horny when a friend of mine came over. Instead of covering up I decided to let him in and let him see me laying there in my sexy outfit, spread on the couch. He was speechless and just stood there drooling. He had such a large bulge in his jeans, it was obvious he needed some relief.. I began to tease him a little, touching my body as I watched his bulge grow. Finally I was too horny and started rubbing his cock. He didn’t object when I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and took out is swollen hard cock. I soon had him with his pants around his ankles and let him fuck my face until he cam in my mouth..
Here You Fantasies Come True
Aug 09
I wanted to prepare a nice meal for you, ready for when you get home after a hard day at work. I like to start with a salad, the only trouble is, I always end up getting messy. Every time I see a large carrot or courgette I start thinking about your cock, and get naughty ideas about putting them in my ass, fucking myself, and this time was no exception.. With lots of creamy salad dressing at hand, it wasn’t long before I started lubing up my tight ass hole and began sliding up and down on the biggest vegetables I could lay my hands on. I’m sorry I made a mess of the meal honey, but you can still eat me for dessert. Here your desires become reality
Jul 31

I want to show you my new POWER TOOL.. Do you think it looks too big for me to control? Don’t worry I have a lot of experience with handling a big drilling machine!.. Maybe I should give you a demonstration... Firstly, I always like to dress appropriately, in skin tight shiny PVC, knee high boots with 6 inch heels and a skimpy Basque.. The more revealing the better, it can be very hot and sweaty work.. Now the key to handle such a large tool is to gasp it hard and firm with both hands and make sure you assume the correct position before you begin to PUMP hard. As you’ll see, a second pair of hands can also make the job more easy and much much more fun..
Your dreams are absolutely real here
Jul 21
I'm such a beach bum, I love the fact you can do so much and wear so little and I never get tired of all those guys and girls checking out my tall slim body, if only they knew about the big surprise I'm hiding....In fact I love going topless and feeling the salty sea breeze brushing over my body, getting my nipples nice and hard. I got so turned on today, I wish I hadn't gone to the beahc alone.. I know this one spot, down behind the bushes, where i can take care of my frustration. It's very quiet, I can strip off my bikini bottoms when I'm feeling brave. I get really hard playing with myself outdoors, knowing that someone could see me at any minute.. Watch all your dreams become reality
Jul 07
They say blondes have more fun but I think you’ll find curly hair makes you more kinky, or at least it has that effect on me.. Or maybe it’s all this leather that’s getting me into such a spicy mood. Either way, I’m like a bitch on heat right now and I’ve got you in my sights. Watch me prowl around my room and show off this figure hugging leather Basque. When you see me in these high heeled leather boots you’ll know that I’m looking for trouble.. Let me give you a little taste of just how kinky I can be with some help from one of my favorite toys. I call this one my tummy tickler because it goes so deep inside. Now watch my eyes roll back with pleasure.. Watch all your dreams become reality